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Spring Season In Nepal

  • 2018-01-25
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The spring seasons start in Nepal from month March to May. Nepal the landlocked country lies on the Asian Continent of Northern Hemisphere. It is a country full of varieties of biodiversity and cultural diversity.

The spring season start to crawl when the winter season is having its last breathe for that year. During winter season the trees and blushes have lost their charm. So, this season brings charm to tree and blushes through renewal of them. The renewal of them is possible because of the raising temperature of air and soil. Day light on spring season increases as the day’s progress.

In spring season when you come to Nepal to have trekking you can have glance of greenish environment. You can eye witness varieties of flora and fauna, white waterfalls, rivers and range of Himalayas on the way to trekking. You can glance of “Rhododendron“the national flower of Nepal. Rhododendron blossoms during spring season only. Rhododendron has been used as medical herbs also.It is of two colors white and red.

You can do rafting during these time period which is adventurous and daring one. There are various Rafting route such as Kali Gandaki,Trisuli, Bhote kosi and so on.During spring season in Nepal you can witness festivals such as Holi “Colors Festival” and Sankranti Gigantic thing is that you can be part of these festivals also. It helps you to explore the life style of Nepali people.

You can have glimpse from your mind eyes of all sorts of things mention above and many more during you’re trekking to our country. So do not run your brain more, if you are willing to exploring the world your first choice must be Nepal through Leaf Holidays. Leaf Holidays are ready for you at your every footstep to achieve your dreams through trekking

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