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Upper Mustang Trek

  • January 25, 2018
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Nepal is the Himalayan country so many Trekking places where lays a Nepal. So Trekking is the famous destinations for who comes in Nepal. Millions of tourist visit to the Nepal per year. Upper Mustang Trek is one of popular Trekking in Nepal it’s also famous to the world. Upper Mustang Trek is known as a mystique valley and the last forbidden Himalayan kingdom of Nepal. Upper Mustang is the Mini “Tibet of Nepal”. The high desert rain shadow of Himalayas receives very little rainfall making this region dry and parched, similar to the bordering Tibetan Plateau. so it is very popular Trekking for world visitors. More than thousands of people who gone to Upper Mustang Trekking.

Upper Mustang (Mini Tibet of Nepal) a very well-liked trekking in Nepal. Department of Immigration started to issue only a small number of special trekking permits since 1991. Before 1991 the region was prohibited to visit for foreign travelers. Upper Mustang is a perfect destination where generous scope is offered for visiting Buddhists Monasteries.

Upper Mustang Trek is covers imaging places of Nepal. This area covers many ancient Buddhist monasteries (because Many people who are the buddhist in this Upper Mustang area), isolated villages (Upper Mustang Trekking whom covers many small and old village or cuteges), hundreds of ruined cave and scenic beauties of different landscape. Upper Mustang lies in the remote Himalaya desert behind the Dhaulagiri and Annapurna mountain ranges, is an antique Tibetan Village, with rare medieval Buddhist arts and exotic culture. Lo Mangthang is the capital of Upper Mustang whis is famous Trekking place of Upper Mustang and Kagbeni is imaging place of Nepal which cover the Upper Mustang Trekking and Kagbeni is the get of Upper mustang Trek.

Upper Mustang is one of those few places in the world that has survived a very close-niche life and that region was, until recently, was a forbidden land for outsides. This isolation helped the people of Mustang to preserve their life style and heritage that remained almost untouched for centuries. Mustang is filled with beautiful trekking zones so Upper Mustang is main cover by Mustang. Mustang Trekking Which is diveited two types of treks one is Upper Mustang and another of Lower Mustang.

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