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First Trekking experience

  • 2018-01-25
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When I was Trekking Guide, In 2004 April, first time I went to Langtang Trek. I was surprise by knowing Langtang Trekking which includes amazing Himalayan views in the vary area.The word Langtang is combined word of Lang which means Ox and another word Tang means stomach with lots of meal.

I was very happy, Our trek was of total eight days but fourth day, which was very memorable day for me because on that vary day, I got great opportunity to visit Kanging Gumba of Langtang village, which wasvery beautiful place. My client who were from U.S.A,we woke up early in morning we observed very clear weather and the environment was calling us to catchup its natural beauty. We started Our destination from the Langtang village. The Kanging Gumba trekking rout was also an amazing gumba I have seen ever. We were surrounded by snowy mountains from the both sides which was willing to touch the sky and touches the white clouds.

In the way, jungle consisting small trees like:- Sunpati (small tree of rhododendron which is national flower in Nepal) and many kind of flora and fauna. There was very beautyful seneries.Beside this, river named Langtang khola which was flowing with clean water. It comes from mountainous areas by melting the snows of it. On the way we had seen many yak(Himalayan Buffaloes) living in higher altitude. We found Dahi (yughurt) and yak cheeses made from yak milk, it was very tasty and healthy too.Big hills were observed. We saw real Tamang culture,metal made many local things. At last I like to suggeat all that in onces every one need to go for Langtang Trek to observe Nepal’s naturality, lifestyle and culture of that area.

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