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Everest trekking weather,season

  • 2018-10-11
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Everest Base Camp Trekking Weather and Season!


There any many trekking destinations in Nepal and no matter where you trek but you should research for the basic information about the weather and difficulty level in that area. So, that you can prepare yourself both physically and mentally, this is the most important strength of human.


Everest is the highest mountain peak in the world. Standing tall and dominating at 8848 meter above the sea level, surrounded by myths, religious beliefs. It requires no technical expertise or mountaineering skills whatever as it is basically a long hike at altitude.


The weather of the Everest base camp, the most changeable factor of the Everest region can neither be ignored, nor can be relied upon. The base camp weather is very changeable and it is reliant on a regular northern hemisphere seasonal mold, which is positioned 28 degrees north of the equator. At higher altitude, especially in the mountains, the weather conditions are really erratic. Once it’s sunny and the next thing you know you are running to a shelter; snowfalls and blizzards .The weather severely changes in the higher altitudes.


Talking about seasons -In Nepal, there are four seasons. Spring, summer, autumn and winter seasons whereas, spring (March to May), summer (June to August), autumn (September to November), winter (December to February). The weather of Everest Base Camp differs in every season. The beast seasons for Everest Base Camp are considered in autumn and spring season. The perfect weather with a marvelous vision of the mountains in this time of the year makes these two seasons the finest.

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