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Ghode Jatra In Nepal of Tudikhel

  • 2018-01-25
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Ghode jatra or horse festival is an event organizes in Tudikhel (Kathmandu Lungs). In this event day Nepal Government declare public holiday on Kathmandu valley. Ghode Jatra falls on mid or end of March. The Head of Nepal Government the President “Bidhya Devi Bhandarri” will start the ceremony.

The lure part of this event is horses. They perform varieties of acrobatics, parachuting and many more. There are other competition also such as jump racing and flat racing.The president will distribute the medals and certificates to winner contestant in competition.

It is celebrated regarding victory over a demon “Tundi”. To exterminate the presence of spirit of demon on ground Ghode Jatra is celebrated. Peoples believes that speedier the horse run it will wipe out the spirit of demon from there.

All these activities take place on Tudikhel which lies in the central of Nepal’s Capital. It is rectangular in shape and lies in between RatnaPark and Sahid gate. This ground is a military Parade ground, horse racing, and music concert and so on. More interesting fact is that Tudikhel is also known as Kathmandu Lungs as it serve pure air to people around there for various purposes.

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